10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Gayle Guyardo July 28, 2012 0

Since there’s already a plethora of information online about my career and current position as co-anchor of New Channel 8 Today and the Midday show on WFLA in Tampa, I wanted to add a more personal touch to this website.  I decided to share a little bit more about who I am, the things that interest me and how I spend my days away from the studio.  So, to get things started, here’s a list of ten things that most people don’t know about me:

  • I was born and raised in Tampa and my family celebrated it’s 100th birthday not too many years ago.
  • I grew up on Davis Islands in Tampa, but my grandfather, father and uncle together built one of the largest dairy farms in central Florida from the ground up.
  • I spent summers and weekends on my family’s farm in Brandon and my favorite things to do were riding the farm horse Strawberry and a go-cart with my big brother Paul.
  • I was a ‘Tom Boy’ and a true late bloomer and ironically my mother was an etiquette teacher. She would have given anything for me to wear a dress.
  • I’m a clean freak – I can’t seem to rest my head on a pillow at night until the house is in order. My husband doesn’t think kitchen counters need to be wiped down so many times in any given day.
  • We eat home almost every night, although my family would argue that my recipes are played out.  I could use some fast meal ideas.
  • I was a very shy child and it bled into my adult life.  If I wasn’t representing WFLA News Channel 8 it was very difficult for me to go out socially (i.e. baby showers, luncheons, playgroups).  I was in my mid-30’s before I was able to overcome being shy.
  • I was switched at birth, but only for a little bit.  They walked me into a neighboring hospital room and handed me to a woman and introduced me as her daughter.  Meanwhile, my mom was handed a baby boy.  It was sorted out pretty quickly, but I still get a good laugh when I see the other kid around town from time to time.
  • I love to dance – my kids claim I look like Cameron Diaz in Charlie’s Angels Part 2 and could use a little more mojo, but I like my moves and making up my own words to song.
  • My daughters make me laugh so hard… my poor husband has to separate us at night as we cuddle and giggle laughing about nothing.  The girls tell me I’m “silly “- and that makes me smile.

Thanks for stopping by and please check out the hundreds of personal photos, family videos, recipes and other information that I’ve posted.  Feel free to comment, share and “like”… and, if you’re looking to get in touch with me regarding work-related matters, please visit the Contact Gayle page for more info..

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